What is a Master Gardener?
ThunderBay District Master Gardeners

A Master Gardener is an individual who completes home study courses in horticulture, and volunteers his or her time by providing educational leadership to the community.
As a Master Gardener you will:
- increase your knowledge of gardening and plants in Ontario,
- network, share ideas and work with others who have similar interests,
- develop your communication and leadership skills,
- participate in technical updates and other educational activities,
- work with your group members to improve and educate your community.
What kind of activities are Master Gardeners involved in?
 Why become a Master Gardener?
 How do I become a Master Gardener?
If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener in the Thunder Bay District, you can email:
Membership Coordinator - Lynda Lahteenma
TB&DMG Coordinator - Lynda Bobinski

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Master Gardeners may be involved in:
- garden problem clinics,
- organizing educational programs for adults and children,
- making horticultural presentations,
- developing and staffing displays,
- writing media articles.
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(Information on this page taken from the pamphlet "Become a Master Gardener" distributed by the Master Gardeners of Ontario Inc.)
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